Pathways to Regeneration: Restoration, Resiliency and Reciprocity

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Nov 06, 2020
The event will be held from November 6th until November 8th
Community Activists


According to the event's organizers, "We live in fragile and unpredictable times that challenge our connections to place, nature, and our idea of a shared future. As a global community, we are at a choice point where the consequences of the decisions made today will be with us for decades. The intersection of an environmental crisis, global pandemic, and struggle for racial justice has exposed the need for a new paradigm. We recognize that this pivotal moment sharpens awareness, creates urgency, and brings people together. We see more than ever the interconnectedness and preciousness of all life on Earth. Please join us as we co-create a way forward to a world that welcomes and lives alongside nature, restores and protects the planet’s resources, and is grounded in a credo of reciprocity that assures justice and respect in all our relationships." A recording of the event can be accessed here: https://www.facebook.com/151548288241954/videos/2390175301292260


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